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Meet The Owners:

Jim & Amy D'Alessio

Jim D'Alessio and Amy Wilson D'Alessio have been friends since both attending Franklin Pierce University in the 1980s. Jim had been a manager at Henry Miller in Hartford, CT, as well as Men's Department Manager at Polo/Ralph Lauren in Farmington, CT.

Amy had been a graphic artist with the Aetna Insurance Company before becoming a stay at home mom. She went on to be a partner, buyer, and merchandiser with "Newbury Place", a gift shop in Southbury CT. Due to the "magic" of, the two become reacquainted in 2011, were married in 2019, and are now co-owners of J. Alden.

Both Amy and Jim are past Presidents of, and remain active members in, The Essex Board of Trade/ "Experience Essex."

The couple reside in Westbrook.

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